Ordering books from me:

I haven’t worked out a way to accept credit cards (sorry about that), so if you order something you’ll have to mail me a check or cash. I mention cash because a lot of my orders are from overseas, where it’s easier to get U.S. cash than a check in U.S. funds (most banks charge around $20 for a check in U.S. funds). I’ve kept my prices to whole dollar amounts to make it easier to send cash.

Unfortunately, everything here is sold out except for my booklet Auction 2002 and Eleusis. I kept the sold-out items in the list because most of them have links you can follow if you want more information.

I don’t think you can find Abbott’s New Card Games anywhere, but you might try ordering Mad Mazes from Amazon or SuperMazes from Amazon.

Click here for a form you can print out and fill in.

Here’s what I’m selling:

(For most of these books you can click on the title to get more information.)
Auction 2002
and Eleusis
$2.00 This is a 32-page booklet that I privately published. It replaces my previous booklet, The New Eleusis. It has the latest revisions of my card games Auction and Eleusis.
SuperMazes      Sold out.
Mad Mazes      Sold out.
Abbott’s New
Card Games
     Sold out.

Shipping: Add $2.00 for shipping in the U.S. or $3.00 for the rest of the world.

Payment: By check, for U.S. funds only. Or by U.S. cash.

After you’ve filled out the form, mail it with a check or cash to:

Robert Abbott
2002 Fairway Drive South
Jupiter, FL 33477

If you have questions, my home phone is 561-575-4278.

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