Easy Maze 5:

This is a “Number Maze,” and it is interactive.

You begin on the square at the upper left, and your current position is always shown in red. You have to make a series of moves that will take you to the square marked Goal. The number in each square indicates how far you must move—horizontally or vertically—when you leave the square. When you decide what square you want to move to, click on that square.


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Click here for the solution.

In Easy Maze 4, I mentioned that there were some precedents to my “mazes-with-rules.” This basic number-maze rule is one of those precedents. It goes back at least as far as a puzzle Sam Loyd published in 1898.

I have four other number mazes on my site. If you want to learn more about number mazes in general, here is a great site for that.

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