Maze Pictures — Summer of 1999

During September and October, 1999, my wife Ann and I had a lot of fun visiting my walk-through logic mazes. The American Maze Company builds three of my small mazes next to each of their large cornfield mazes. It was exciting for me to see my abstract ideas take real form, even when the implementation only involves stakes in the ground and ropes to define the paths. And it was fun to talk to the people trying to solve the mazes.

I took lots of pictures, and I have others taken by Steve Ryan and Rich Whorl. Twelve of the pictures are shown below.

Pacific Earth — Camarillo, California

Arrow Maze, Pacific Earth, 1999    These pictures from the Pacific Earth site were sent to me by Steve Ryan. That’s Steve trying to look puzzled in my arrow maze. Steve creates TV game shows, writes a newspaper column of puzzles, and is the author of many books on puzzles and games.

No-Left-Turn Maze, Pacific Earth, 1999

          This is my no-left-turn maze.

Cornfield Maze, Pacific Earth, 1999
Here’s the entrance to the cornfield maze. It looks pretty wild. Those strange blobby tubes are the creation of the artist Doron Gazit. In the future, the American Maze Company might try to create a maze out of these tubes.

Cherry Crest Farm — near Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Color Maze, Cherry Crest, 1999     This is my color maze. The picture was taken by Rich Whorl using a digital camera. Rich is the designer of several of the cornfield mazes.

Below is a picture I took of the same maze. In the background is the cornfield maze, and behind the cornfield maze is the Strasburg excursion railroad. The railroad has a stop next to the maze; so you can combine a trip on the railroad with a trip through the maze. In addition to the railroad, the cornfield maze, and my logic mazes, Cherry Crest Farm has kiddy rides, a rope maze by Adrian Fisher, and a petting zoo—where a pig bit me! (Rich Whorl said the pig could tell I’d had bacon that morning.)
Cherry Crest, 1999

Howell Living History Farm — near Lambertville, New Jersey

Here are a couple of scenes of my arrow maze.
Arrow Maze, Howell Farm, 1999     Arrow Maze, Howell Farm, 1999

Color Maze, Howell Farm, 1999

This is our Fearless Leader, Don Frantz, CEO of the American Maze Company, along with Renee Moyer, the Producer at the Howell Farm site. They are pretending to solve my color maze.

Belvedere Plantation — Fredricksburg, Virginia

Color Maze, Belvedere Plantation, 1999    
I persuaded some friends to join Ann and me at the Belvedere Plantation mazes. In the foreground is Ruth Grindrod and in the background is Susan Johnson. Susan has just discovered the solution to the color maze.

Arrow Maze, Belvedere Plantation, 1999    

Here’s the arrow maze. At the left is Susan Johnson with Ann Abbott behind her.

No-Left-Turn Maze, Belvedere Plantation, 1999
That’s me with Judy Fulks, the owner of Belvedere Plantation. She regaled us with stories from the seventeen hundreds when Martha Dandridge (the future Mrs. George Washington) was a frequent visitor to the plantation.

We’re standing in my no-left-turn maze, whose paths are outlined by hay bales. Notice that the hay has sprouted. It isn’t supposed to do that, but weird things happened because of last summer’s drought followed by excessive rain. So the maze acquired an unusual green patina.

A lot goes on at Belvedere Plantation besides the mazes. The picture below shows some of the other activities.

Belvedere Plantation, 1999

Tanglewood Park — Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Arrow maze, Tanglewood 1999

          Here’s the arrow maze.

Color maze, Tanglewood 1999
And here is Liz Stanton inside the color maze. She is a producer for the American Maze Company, and she’s the one who figured out how to implement my mazes.

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