Memo: June 17, 2006, updated November 11, 2007

To: R. Wayne Schmittberger
Editor in Chief, GAMES magazine

From: Robert Abbott

Here are five small mazes that I think would make good covers for GAMES. Four of these are by me and one, The Garden of the Fearsome Snakes, is by Andrea Gilbert. If you use her maze, you should deal with her directly.

Here are links to write-ups of the mazes. All of these write-ups are printable.

Valentine's Day Maze — This became the cover of the September, 2008 issue

Quilt Maze — This became the Starry Night Maze, on the cover of the December, 2006 issue

Dot Maze

Color Switching Maze — This became the cover of the October, 2007 issue

The Garden of the Fearsome Snakes — This became the cover of the July, 2007 issue

In each write-up I discuss the origin of the maze. One of my mazes, the Color Switching Maze, is a modification of a small maze of mine that appears next to cornfield mazes. Three of my mazes are modifications of mazes in my 1990 and 1997 books Mad Mazes and SuperMazes. Both these books are out of print, and neither sold very well anyway. My agent wrote to the publishers and got me the rights to all the mazes.

I hope you can use some of these. If you can't use a maze on a cover, you can still consider it for inside the magazine.

If you use any of these mazes, please give me or Andrea proper credit. The magazine never really said who created the Disorientation Maze that was on the cover. If a reader wanted to find this out, he could, but he would have to look around. I don't expect my name to be on the cover with a maze, although that might not be a bad idea because Abbott's Mazes has become sort of a brand name. However, I definitely want my name to be included with the answer. The GAMES web site, by the way, did give me credit for both Disorientation mazes.

Best wishes,

Bob Abbott
Phone: 561-575-4278
Address: 2000 Fairway Dr. S.
Jupiter, FL 33477

P.S. I also mailed you a letter with print-outs of all the mazes.